The Frank & Dean Show

Inspired by the classic moments brought to you by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, this is an evening of song and laughs you won’t forget!

Dean (Aaron Brett)

Aaron plays the role of Dean Martin to a tee, he has been singing for 5 years and is excited to be delving into the age of swing.  Watch as he sings through the Dean Martin classics, maybe slurring a few lyrics along the way.

You may even get a few Dean funnies thrown in for good measure…measure?  That reminds me, Frank it’s your round…

Frank (Tom Wood)

Tom takes on the suave and sophistication of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.

Tom has been singing for 7 years in and around Portsmouth, he loves the music of swing and feels at home performing the classic songs of Frank, a fan since he was a boy.

Tom loves how Frank is a master of storytelling through his music and he aims to match that in his own singing. He will take you back with his smooth dulcet tones and evoke passion through the power in his voice. Tom’s favorite song is ‘Under My Skin’ and he loves nothing more than a Jack Daniels on the rocks.